• Amplifiers


  • Amplifiers & Preamplifiers

    Every audio-file knows that great source components are essential to good sound.

  • AV Furniture

    Our AV furniture is as easy to look at as the screen above it. Specially designed to house audio and video equipment, extra features keep your equipment safe from overheating. Creating a stylish AV center in your home or office is made easy.

  • Blu Ray Players

    Blu-ray is the high definition replacement for DVD, and takes full advantage of the capabilities of HDTVs and the internet to deliver higher quality audio and video with better content, more features, and greater convenience.


  • Bookshelf Speakers

    The term bookshelf references physical size. In contrast to its larger floorstanding counterpart, a bookshelf speaker is designed to sit on a shelf, table or desk with its drivers in-line with the listener's ears.

  • Cable Boxes

    Be sure you never miss out on some of the great programming available on TV.

    With Rogers Cable boxes you can record, pause, rewind and fast forward your shows so you never miss a minute (even for a snack break)!


  • Cables and Accessories

    Improving your cables, allows you to take full advantage of the features on your home theatre system.

  • Car Accessories

    Whether you are installing a single din headunit or a full car audio system, achieving proper power and ground connections is essential to reliable, enjoyable performance. Make sure you get the proper parts needed!

  • Car Audio Head Units

    Enjoy your music while on the road!
    With a great headunit you can listen to the radio, your CDs and your iPod or USB

  • Car Speakers

    Make your daily drive more enjoyable by adding a pair of car speakers!
    Tailor made for easy factory replacement!

  • Car Starters & Alarms

    Eliminate a worry. Protect your car and its contents with a car alarm.
    Warm up your car in the winter - and cool it off in the summer with a car starter.


  • Car Subwoofers

    If you are looking for a high-quality subwoofer with the most accurate and precise in-vehicle subwoofer performance, then look no further.  Our quality name brand subwoofers are your answer. With the advanced motor structure and new sound of these subs, you will experience higher efficiency, lower heat creation while maintaining superb sound, so you can really crank up the bass


  • CD Players & Cassette Players

    Maximize the enjoyment of your CD and cassette collection with a quality CD player or cassette player.


  • Centre Speaker

    Every great home theater experience starts with a superior center channel.

  • Computer Speakers

    Turns desktops into high-performance entertainment centers

  • DACS & Digital Players

    Every audio-file knows that great source components are essential to good sound

  • Desktop Audio

    Enjoy the beauty of HiFi sound in a small elegant system. These systems let you enjoy a variety of music sources.  Whether you are looking for a mono radio, a small table stereo, an analog or digital clock radio, we have a model to suit your needs.

  • Flat Panel TVs
    Treat yourself to something the whole family can enjoy!  You won't believe the picture quality (and features) now available on our TVs. Whether you want to surf the web, Skype or watch your Netflix...the possibilities are truly becoming endless.

    At Natural Sound, our ad check program watches our competitor's ads daily. Whatever the lowest price is of an instock item at a local competitor...that's our price!
    What's the bottom line??  Model for Natural Sound, we'll have the lowest price in town

  • Floorstanding Speakers

    A great pair of floorstanding speakers can reproduce unforgettable music and movie soundtracks with complete accuracy and astonishing realism.

  • Headphones

    Take your favourite music wherever you go.
    A good headphone should be a balance between comfort, durability, rich lows, warm mids and crisp highs.

  • Home Subwoofers

    A subwoofer is specifically designed to reproduce the low-pitched audio frequencies known as "bass" and covers the range between 20 Hz and 200 Hz. A subwoofer enhances the frequency range of a speaker system by delivering the lowest bass notes, a frequency area that a typical speaker cannot fully deliver, and gives dynamic impact to the low-frequency effects in movies and music.

  • Home Theatre Chairs

    The perfect finish to any  home theatre room.
    Whether you're looking for one chair or rows of seating, the possibilities are endless

  • In Wall & On Wall

    Ideal in situations where floor space is at a premium or a minimalist aesthetic is desired.

  • Navigation

    No need to ever get lost again!

  • Outdoor Speakers

    Designed for use outdoors on a deck, patio or around a pool. Outdoor speakers are specifically designed and engineered to withstand the weather and temperature extremes.


  • Processors

    Every audio-file knows that great source components are essential to good sound

  • Projectors

    Think a 60" TV is big...think again.
    With home entertainment projectors you can double that and watch your favourite movies, games or sporting events on a 90", 100", 120" the possibilities are endless!  Emerse yourself in a true home theatre experience.

  • Rear Speakers

    Rear surround speakers allow you to uncover every last drop of detail. Let’s just say you’ll think that helicopter is hovering overhead or those eerie footsteps are coming right for you.

  • Receivers

    Exceptional sound quality, superior reliability and easy to use features are the hallmarks of any great audio/video experience.
    A great audio/video system starts with a great receiver.


    Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that sets up quickly and makes listening easy. Use the free app to connect directly to your home WiFi network and send different songs to different rooms at the same time. Or enjoy one big favorite in perfect sync all through your house. Sonos plays all the most popular music services, internet radio, audiobooks, podcasts, music downloads - you can even set it up to play your vinyl collection. With Sonos, you can enjoy whatever you love to listen to, in any and every room in your home

  • Soundbars

    Recreating the dynamics and excitement of a live performance in your own living room.

  • Speaker Packages

    A speaker system is a collection of loudspeakers, voice matched to deliver a complete music or home theater experience from a single package, consisting of two or more speakers and often includes a subwoofer.


  • Speaker Stands & Mounts

    Complete the look of your home theatre system with an aesthetically pleasing pair of speaker stands, or a stealth looking pair of wall brackets.

  • Surge Protectors and Conditioners

    A necessity for every home theater, surge protectors are not only essential for getting the best sound and picture from your entertainment system, but also for protecting those same devices from AC voltage irregularities and surges

  • Television Mounts
    Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, our wall mounts allow you to extend, tilt, and swivel to find the perfect position for your TV.

    To save yourself some time, click here to find out exactly what mount will fit your television.

  • Turntables & Turntable Accessories

    Supporting analogue in the face of the digital world!




  • Universal Remote Controls

    Control the experience of home entertainment with a single, easy-to-use device.

  • Wireless Options

    When HiFi sound meets rock solid wireless, it's a match made in heaven.  Enjoy your music anywhere and everywhere.